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Corporate Events

Irish Rose Cornhole (IRC) is pleased that you are interested in having us your event at (Venue-TBD). Cornhole is a great way to create teamwork and a team bonding experience all while having a ton of fun. Anyone at any age, at any skill level, can play cornhole. It is our goal to work with your specific group to make sure you have a great time. Please review the following information regarding our services and what you would need to provide.

Irish Rose Cornhole and (Venue-TBD) are two separate entities with IRC running your cornhole tournament at the (Venue-TBD) location.

Cornhole and Event Information

Basic Info:
Teams consist of 2 players per team.
$25 per player –minimum of $500
1 match is anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
Event Timing:

8-25 players take 1.5 to 2 hrs

26-50 players 2.5 to 3 hrs

51-100 players take 3 to 4 hrs


Event Options:

Basic Tournament

With this tournament you will have your players sign up in teams of 2 and pick team names.

Everyone will play 2 or 4 rounds of Cornhole and then the top teams will advance into a single elimination playoff.

Blind Draw Tournament

Have all your players sign up as individuals and we will randomly pair players up onto a team at the start of the tournament. Teams are kept for the duration of the tournament.

After 2 or 4 rounds of Cornhole the top teams will advance into a single elimination playoff.

Switcholio Event

We will have all of your players sign up as individuals. Everyone will play 2 or 6 rounds of Cornhole and each round players will have a different teammate.

After 2 or 6 rounds the top players will play a single elimination tournament.

It is the most fun of the tournament types and players get to play with all different partners throughout the tournament encouraging team building.

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Registration for event(s)

Collect all the players’ names and teams before the tournament and send that information to us the night prior to your tournament.
IRC will send a registration link through our software, Scoreholio for each person to pre-register.


Waiver of Injuries

Any and all injuries that may occur during the event will be handled by your organization or group. Example, but not limited to, cuts, bruises, heat exhaustion, major or minor injuries. In addition, any and all liability for the tournament will be the responsibility of the organization or group.

Provided By Irish Rose Cornhole.

All material to run a cornhole tournament, including but not limited to:

  • Up to 8 sets of cornhole boards (Additional boards available at additional cost)
  • Up to 16 sets of 4 cornhole bags (Additional bags available at additional cost)
  • Up to 8 scoreboards/tablets (Additional scoreboards available at additional cost)

Full Scoreholio system

Scoreholio is a state-of-the-art digital scoring system. Tablets are placed behind all courts and players digitally enter in their scores. Players can track the leaderboard on televisions to keep them interacting with the tournament.

Pre-tournament tutorial on rules and proper technique of cornhole

In tournament help with rules and game flow

MC and Music for the tournament

Can create custom boards for an extra charge to use as prizes or giveaways.

Cost for the Event

Irish Rose Cornhole, LLC. requires a $250 deposit to secure your date. This amount will be subtracted  from your final bill.  If the event is cancelled less than 45 days prior, the deposit will NOT be refunded as we have lost the ability to book another event for that date. If the fundraiser is cancelled more than 45 days prior to the event, we will refund $75.00.


Total Charges for your event

$25 per player in the tournament. Minimum of $500

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